Lovely place near Jabalpur , a must visit for everyone , passing through there

You can find a lot of videos on youtube related to it , We used to visit it a lot when we were kids 15–20 years ago , but it has improved a lot since then…

We need to cover below tests at-least (automatically the first five) to say that CI is working

1.Unit Tests — Most of the time this is considered responsibility of the developer , BAs and QAs can help in this , if they are involved .
A test case developed first for…


Images :

What are docker images specifically ?

They are just tar files , with a json file , this combination makes a image bundle .

Docker engine consumes this image bundle , even all other container engines like podman,RKT , etc . use the same .

But how…

This article is for beginners looking to explore remote docker set-up .

Here are the steps for centos7

Create two instances using AWS or any other service available

use :

connect to instance and install dockerCE — sudo su

yum install docker -y

once it is installed on both…

The Akamai cloudtest can have on-premise or/and cloud setup in most companies.

There might be a case that the set up is already there in the org, tool admin can give you access and then you can start exploring before getting into the performance testing team and start your actual…

10 Things we avoid during scripting for performance testing project.

  1. Not using repository features of the tools, although we can explicitly use git or svn etc. to keep our code as per the prod or testing env branches, many of us ignore that during our projects.

Tools provide these features…

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