Akamai Cloudtest — performance testing tool

The Akamai cloudtest can have on-premise or/and cloud setup in most companies.

There might be a case that the set up is already there in the org, tool admin can give you access and then you can start exploring before getting into the performance testing team and start your actual work .

You will need a URL to open the tool GUI and start working on it.

Login page :

Fig 1.1

Click on Go to Cloudtest : you will get below options

Fig 1.2

Click on New Test Clip to start recording a new flow :

Fig 1.3

In the Record HTTP , below options will be there :

Fig 1.4

Best option is to use Extension Recording , you can search and add the “chrome plugin for soasta recording “ or it will be automatically downloaded and added once you start recording.

Once the recording is ready and is running (there are lot of aesthetic changes that you can do , including giving custom transaction names , delays , correlation etc .etc . here are all the options that are available for it in the clip itself :

Fig 1.5

Next step is to convert that into composition :

If you use the option in Fig 1.2 and create a New Composition:

Fig 1.6

You will get folders below it from where you can drag and drop , new clips to be executed .

Explore all the options available in the comp , they will feel similar to the Load runner Scenarios.

The Adding of Load generators on the on-premise set up and Cloud set up is different , but is pretty straight forward .Once your composition is ready with the Load Generators (collection of those in cloud is called as Grid) , you are on your way to execute the load test.

The reports and runtime graphs are available in abundance which can help you to pinpoint any issues during the test.

Benefit here is you can run as many comps as you want and not the one per server as in Load runner .

Limitation happens when we utilize the full resources of the server hosting it on Data center , if we are using the cloud set up than this is really easy to scale .

Below are some analogies people can relate to, with the Fig 1.2 for other tools.

Table 1.1

It has capabilities similar to other load testing tools and has easier learning curve.

Command line utility “scommand” is available for helping in CI/CD with Jenkins.

I wrote this article just to share the starting point for beginners interested to learn the usage of the tool , as I have worked on it for more than 5+ years and still using it I can provide necessary help and save you time when you are stuck.

Do post any queries related to the tool/scripting/scaling your test or you want to get detailed explanation of any of the objects mentioned in Fig 1.2 , so that you can use it better in your project.

You can certainly explore Akamai website to get some details about it..